People that don’t know about The Age of the Fall, I’m going to include the Wikipedia information about it. This entire thing made such an impact on me, I remember just hearing about it and being in complete shock, the build up was perfect and the debut was like nothing else. I don’t feel after the sheer impact of this debut that ROH used AOTF to its full potential, but then again the debut was so shocking that it was cut from the ppv and never put on future dvd’s from the event. Please take the time to watch this.

For months leading into the ROH return to Chicago there were cryptic messages on a blog and website of a stable entering ROH that was code named “Project 161.” Jimmy Jacobs was one of the names mentioned who could be behind this along with Adam Pearce and a few other Chicago based ROH wrestlers. At one point, posts related to Project 161 flooded the ROH message board, but ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky claimed these were actually fans’ doing. Many fans noted that an upcoming Pay Per View taping would be the 161st ROH show, and it was no coincidence that the stable stated they would appear at the show.

After making a successful return to ROH, Jimmy Jacobs, the returning Necro Butcher and the debuting Tyler Black violently attacked the Briscoe Brothers right after a brutal ladder match with Kevin Steen and El Generico. This meant Jimmy Jacobs was indeed behind Project 161. Jay Briscoe was hung upside from the rigging that was used to hoist the titles from the ladder match. This was a disgusting scene as the blood of Jay Briscoe dripped onto Jimmy Jacobs as he announced the beginning of The Age of the Fall. The angle was so controversial that ROH decided to remove the footage from the pay-per view that was being taped at the event.